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Our books are designed to help you engage in LifeKeys in many different ways.

jagkise-340-New_cover_2LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are

This is the engaging Minnesota Book Award finalist that leads you through the self-discovery process. It is filled with self-assessments, background information, and reflection questions. It can be read individually or used as a book study.

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LifeKeys Discovery WorkbookLifeKeys Discovery Workbook

This workbook, ideal for seminar use, provides essential background information, exercises, and self-assessments for each of the eight “life keys” contained in the full book. It is also a great tool to have if you would like to share your copy of LifeKeys and still have a place to record your own answers.

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Book cover for SoulTypesSoulTypes: Matching Your Personality and Spiritual Path

Sandra Hirsh and I interviewed dozens of people to find out what draws them toward a spiritual path, what pushes them away, and what is most helpful when life gets tough. Learn from their insights about prayer, study, worship and service.

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Book cover for Looking at Type and SpiritualityLooking at Type and Spirituality

This basic guide to how each of the 16 personality types approaches the spiritual life is ideal for workshop settings and as a reference for spiritual directors.

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Book cover for Working with PurposeWorking with Purpose: Finding a Corporate Calling for You and Your Business

Business as usual isn’t working anymore. After the latest round of corporate scandals, little doubt remains that values and ethics must be at the heart of business decisions. David Stark and I wrote this book to give clear direction for using faith as a legitimate source for values and ethics in a secular workplace. Through discussion of’ examples, analysis, and personal and business applications, business leaders who want their faith lives and work lives in congruence will learn to identify their own personal and corporate callings in five key areas: purpose, profits, places and products, people, and our planet.

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