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Keynote: Hormel Foundation Gifted And Talented Symposium

GKeynote: Gifted Education Within a Community of Learners           

No two gifted children are alike—in fact, no two children are alike! No wonder educators struggle to meet the needs of the gifted and the needs of all students. This session will focus on the foundational part-whole polarity of Individual and Community to explore how to recognize and work with polarities—those polarizing dilemmas where each “side” holds only part of the truth, a part that is incomplete without the other “side.” Experience the power of polarity thinking tools to channel the energy being lost to resistance and debates into positive energy for moving forward together toward mutual goals. And, through a “Drama in Real School Life” scenario, see how a framework of common leadership polarities can help us unearth and leverage for lasting change those values and biases that underlie the pendulum swings in gifted education policies and practices.

Jane will also be facilitating the Leadership Day:

Leadership workshop: Becoming an Intentional Leader for Gifted Education

Whether your role is as an administrator, gifted education coordinator, teacher leader or something else, leadership at every level of gifted education requires vision and goals. However, even more important, it requires intentional reflection on one’s strengths, biases, priorities and strategies for development. In this workshop, you’ll experience a group coaching process that will help you select and focus on a specific development goal to improve your leadership capabilities. Learn how to identify the priorities that are most essential to reaching that goal, the polarities involved that might need to be carefully managed, and how to create “evidence questions” that go beyond the limits of SMART goals by tracking not just progress, but focus—whether you are being intentional about achieving your purpose. Understand how to apply the process to new goals, both short-term and long-term, for your ongoing journey as a leader.

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