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Key Doable Differentiation Strategies for Classrooms: Session 1

May 11, 2022 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am
Navin Pawa

Key Doable Differentiation Principles & Strategies for Classrooms

Too often, differentiation is framed as a complex, time-consuming process.

In this workshop, teachers will gain an understanding of how to embed several quick but effective strategies in lessons they are already teaching–and also see how the strategies can be used in deeper ways.

Target Audience
K12 teachers, coaches, curriculum directors, administrators

Topics Covered
Differentiation as a tool for STEAM2 (Successful, Thriving, Engaged, Agile and Maturing students)

Reaching students with four different cognitive processing styles by planning for your opposite

5 key strategies you can use tomorrow–and with every unit you teach

By the end of the session…
Participants will understand their own preferred cognitive process and how to teach their opposite.

Participants will also be equipped with effective ways to incorporate the following in their classrooms:

 Curiosity creators
 Wait time
 Planned movement
 Open questions
 Talking to write 

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