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Intentional Leadership Institute

August 12, 2014 @ 9:28 pm – 10:28 pm
Waterview in Bicentennial Park
Sydney NSW

The Australian Professional Standard for Principals, with its matrix of five leadership requirements and five professional practices, makes clear the complexities of leadership. Discerning which areas need the most focus for your situation is key to setting your own professional development goals. According to research, only about fifteen percent of leadership DSLsmalldevelopment programs have any lasting impact on outcomes. For leadership development to be worthwhile – and for you to reach your goals for enhancing teaching and learning – four conditions need to be met. The process needs to account for the context of your school, be directly connected to the real work of school leaders, address and incorporate your unique strengths and related blind spots, and identify ongoing priorities as well as measures of results.

To meet these conditions, the Intentional Leadership process uses three powerful, research-based frameworks: the 12 Lenses of Leadership, Jungian cognitive processes, and emotional intelligence. Participants will:

  • Create a personalized plan for leading to improve instruction that transforms SMART goals into guiding questions and practical actions
  • Develop a deep understanding of their own strengths as leaders, how related blind spots might contribute to setbacks or derailment of instructional improvement efforts, and how their profiles compare to other leadersIL certification button
  • Discover the roles and priorities most key to success in their own situation, using a leadership framework that encompasses the particular work of school leaders and the Australian Professional Standards for Principals
  • Learn to work with a focusing process they can use again and again to choose the right priorities to accomplish their purposes, given who they are, who they are leading, and their current realities.

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