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Intentional Leadership Coach Certification

July 22, 2014 @ 8:30 am – July 24, 2014 @ 1:00 pm
North Oaks Golf Club Club
54 East Oaks Road
North Oaks, MN 55127
$1295 for 3-day event for those not certified in a type instrument; $995 for 2-day course; $895 for members of APTi, MN ICF, MCDA and other partner organizations
Jane Kise
12 CCE Course

Helping leaders develop greater self-mastery and clearer focus so they can become the leaders others want to follow

Only a few leadership development efforts produce better leaders. Why? They fail to account for context, are detached from the real work of leadership, underestimate key biases, or fail to measure results. This program provides a toolkit that helps you and your clients avoid all of these traps.

Intentional Leadership features

Proven tools for self-awareness to help leaders understand their strengths, how related blind spots might contribute to leadership derailment, and how their profile compares to other leaders

Explore using the frameworks of psychological type (popularized through the MBTI®) and emotional intelligence for coaching conversations around roles and priorities.

Those not certified in these instruments will gain experience with ethical ways to use the theories within the context of Intentional Leadership Coaching.

A leadership framework that encompasses 12 key leadership concerns to help leaders understand which roles best fit their natural styles, which they tend to overlook, and which are most essential to reaching specific goals

The 12 Lenses of Intentional Leadership were derived from research on essential leadership tasks and describe 12 key tensions leaders face.

A focusing process leaders can use again and again to choose the right priorities given who they are, who they are leading, their current realities, and where they need to go

Guide clients through the Intentional Leadership process as, with a specific goal in mind, they sift through priorities, the Leadership Lenses, and their own profile to develop a clear plan for action.

“The Intentional Leadership Process helped me quickly clarify a messy and complicated issue and crystallize a plan to address it” – University Provost

 “Intentional Leadership is focused, relevant, efficient and effective. I highly recommend adding it to your leadership development tool kit.” – Executive Coach

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