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Have you ever asked, “How am I supposed to parent (or teach!) this child?”

Sometimes, the apples do indeed fall far from the tree. Or perhaps you understand your child, but are looking for better ways to help him or her navigate the worlds of school, friendship, siblings, or sports.

Created by experts in the fields of child psychology, parenting, and Jungian type, Kidtelligent gears psychological type toward children. It helps you:

  • Understand the unique strengths and needs of each of the children in your care
  • Develop homework, discipline, family routine, and other strategies that work for you and for your children
  • Determine how your child learns best and identify strategies that will best assist each one in finding school success
  • Customize sports selection and coaching techniques
  • And more!

Whatever your role in helping children grow, Kidtelligent can help. Learn more about Kidtelligent’s Toolkit.

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription, you can receive a discounted price of $19.95 by using discount code janekise when checking out. The year-long subscription includes:

  • Parenting tips
  • School success tips by subject area
  • 21st century skills development
  • Sports and sportsmanship development resources
  • Tools to help your children better understand who they are

Contact me if you’re interested in a presentation or workshop for parents, educators, gifted education specialists or counselor audience.

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