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How’s Your Brain Energy? Productivity?

I’ve been using the new Brain Energy/Bandwidth quiz that I created with Ann Holm with teams and individuals, during workshops and coaching sessions, while networking over coffee–in other words, every chance I get. Just click on the quiz name to try the basic version yourself.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As you answer the questions, though, imagine you’re in a room, hearing them being read aloud. Can you hear the groans, the laughter, the comments such as, “Not in my lifetime!” or You try working here and making that happen!” or “That happened once…1974, I think it was.”

This big concept, that brain energy is limited, and that some activities feed it while others deplete it, resonates deeply. 

Ann and I started working on the quiz after we saw a trend with one of our major clients–everyone at this company was over-scheduled, running late, eating on the run, feeling overwhelmed, etc. We developed this tool to help them begin a rational conversation about how this chronic state of busyness was decreasing their ability to make good decisions, causing tasks to take longerthe more hours they put in, and affecting their health. The result when we gave the quiz and the accompanying information? Immediate–and I mean immediate–changes in behavior. Different goals, different policies and more.

Our Brain Energy/Bandwidth Quiz

The 18-question quiz is solidly grounded in neuroscience research, reflecting Ann’s 25 years of experience in brain science and my research in education and leadership.  You’ll be asked to respond FREQUENTLY, SOMETIMES, or RARELY to each question At the end, your responses will place you in one of three general categories. For a specific score that you can compare with others or track over time, give yourself a 4 for FREQUENTLY, a 2 for SOMETIMES, and a 0 for RARELY. Simply add the numbers at the end of the quiz.  And, if you want more information on how each item fuels or drains your brain–and a few tips on your biggest areas of concern–you can add your email at the end of the quiz. It’s up to you.

Try it. Take inventory of your habits of mind, the distractions you encounter, and the way you fuel your brain.  Remember the old days when a closed door meant, “Do not disturb?” Important work required focus.  Now we interrupt ourselves constantly with emails, cell phones, meetings scheduled by others on our calendars, and a constant news feed. And we wonder why we can’t find time for energizing activities? Check out our tool and start the conversation around getting the Brain Energy/Bandwidth you need!

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Jane Kise is a consultant and executive coach. The founder of Differentiated Coaching Associates and author of over 20 books, she works with schools and businesses worldwide to help create environments where everyone can flourish.

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