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How’s Networking Going for You?

Kise HughesKise HughesIf you aren’t part of a team with regular meetings, it’s easy to put off making time for networking–especially if, like me, you’re more introverted than extraverted. Yet all of us benefit from hearing others’ perspectives, having our thinking challenged, seeking accountability, asking “what if’s” and “Who might you know that…” My brilliant colleague Jennifer Selby Long is making it easier for the rest of us to improve our networking skills in 2014 by setting up a full year’s worth of tasks over at her blog, Traveling Light. I’ve finished the January task–identifying 10 people with whom I will deepen my business relationships this year–my “Treasured Ten” as Jennifer refers to them. Long suggests that at least one be a person  who isn’t in a position to help you nearly as much as you can help him or her. February’s task? Set a simple goal for each relationship. I’m not sure I can wait another two weeks to get going on this one. Isn’t that the sign of a valuable, doable strategy, that I can’t wait to keep going? Check out Jennifer’s blog and get started!

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Jane Kise is a consultant and executive coach. The founder of Differentiated Coaching Associates and author of over 20 books, she works with schools and businesses worldwide to help create environments where everyone can flourish.

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