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Delivering smart solutions
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A smart solution is one that matches up with your goals, resources, unique situation, and stakeholders. And, one that ensures sustainability. Instead of packaged interventions, workshops or talks, you’ll get the custom services your organization needs.


Deepening coaches’ toolkits and instructional frameworks by providing a strengths orientation and differentiated instructional approach.


Customized workshops that catalyze instructors, staff, and leaders to up-level their educational capacity, professional learning communities, and strategy development that helps administrators leverage organizational strengths.


Engaging, interactive, and relentlessly practical, Jane’s customized speaking services provide participants with actionable insights they can immediately apply to organizational, instructional, and individual challenges.


Our goal is ensuring leaders are more intentional, systemic, and practical in their work. In each client engagement, we align our expertise with your needs, with clear, realistic parameters around goals, resources, time frames, and coordination with other initiatives.

Increasing Leadership Effectiveness
Since 1997



I highly recommend Dr. Kise as a presenter. Her intelligence, knowledge base, professionalism, and personality make her an ideal facilitator.” —Nancy Neusbaum, Curriculum Specialist, Capital Area Intermediate Unit, Pennsylvania

Nancy N.

I enjoyed my executive coaching sessions with Jane Kise.  She provided insights, tools and resources that have made a big difference in my life -both professionally and personally.  If you’re interested in personal growth or improving your team’s ability to collaborate, I’d highly recommend Jane. — Molly Pelzer, President, Midwest Dairy Association

Molly P.
We recently had Dr. Kise present to three different audiences over the course of two days.  Although some of her themes were similar, she successfully differentiated her presentations for each audience, ensuring that each group’s unique needs were met.  The sessions were engaging and allowed us to think and discuss relevant topics that we face in our daily work. Each group left her session empowered with ideas that we could implement immediately!   — Jill Geocaris, Director, Illinois Council of Instructional Coaches, Director of Adult Learning, Maine Township Schools
Jill G.


Educator Bandwidth, Burnout, and Blameless Discernment

Bandwidth is  your brain’s “fuel tank.” And how full it gets depends on individual habits and routines, and workplace norms and policies, that tax or restore mental bandwidth. In this webinar, we’ll look at how the bandwidth approach goes beyond self-care. You’ll learn to apply the concept of blameless discernment to correctly identify sources of low bandwidth while avoiding unproductive judgments. You’ll also understand the connection with hardiness— the capacity to grow from the inevitable stress in any life involving people and goals. We’ll finish with helpful tips for improving your bandwidth.

When you register for this webinar, we will send you a link to a “Five-minute bandwidth survey”. Your results are completely confidential. By providing your email address, you will receive your results and the related book’s Chapter 2 Your Bandwidth Survey Results.


Tuesday, October 25th, 2022; 9:30am – 11pm AEDT


Online, Registration is required.


Non Member – $90
ACEL Member – $70

Attending the Webinar:

You will be emailed a personal link to the webinar the day prior to the event. It is advised that you attend the webinar on time to avoid missing any content. If you have any questions please contact or call 02 8396 0800.


It's time to make your mental bandwidth work for you. Being an educator is more stressful than ever, and teachers and administrators must constantly shift gears to stay on top of the newest initiatives and students' ever-changing needs. Educator Bandwidth provides the tools and strategies to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and regain the time that gets lost to interruptions, temptations, competing demands, and task-switching.
If differentiation strikes you as too complex and time-consuming, this is the book for you. With 12 core strategies, useful across content areas and kindergarten-adult learning, Doable Differentiation functions as a collection of “recipes” you can use to improve existing lessons and curriculum, instantly engage all students in more complex tasks, and increase student success.
Lead a whole-child learning environment where student engagement and success thrive. This practical educational leadership book guides school leaders in using 12 powerful leadership lenses and the stages of leadership development to overcome challenges and balance priorities while still supporting the whole student.
Step In, Step Up guides current and aspiring women leaders through a twelve-week development journey to discover their personal leadership identity and overcome the gender barriers to leadership in education.

Take The Bandwidth Quiz!

Did you know teaching consistently ranks among the top 20 most stressful professions in the world? Long before you feel the kind of fatigue associated with burnout, you’re losing your ability to be effective, efficient, emotionally intelligent, and engaged in your work (McGonegal, 2011). Why? Because you don’t have enough of what we call “brain energy” and “bandwidth.” Bandwidth is your key to energy, effectiveness, and engagement. Take the bandwidth quiz and see how you are doing.



Protecting Teachers’ “Bandwidth”

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If you select me as your speaker, I will work with you to develop a customized event that meets your goals. Let’s discuss how you believe my expertise fits with your needs and I’ll give 110% to engage participants and prepare them to make use of what they learn.  Here’s a one-page summary of my background and speaking expertise to share with everyone involved in choosing just the right speaker for your event.