TEDxTalk: Neuroscience, Mathematics and Jungian Type

This 18-minute Ted Talk, was presented by Jane Kise at TEDxEnola, February 1, 2012, summarizes her research on how student type preferences influence their approaches to fractions tasks. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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Information on Psychological Type

Association for Psychological Type International The professional membership organization for those interested in promoting the constructive use of differences through ethical use of psychological type theory and applications.

The Type Academy The Mission of The Type Academy, founded by Susan Nash, is to support the in-depth practical application of Whole Type (as assessed by MBTI®) knowledge by providing resources, information and consulting services. Check out videos, exercises, and training opportunities.

Center for Applications of Psychological Type Houses the Isabel Briggs Myers Library, with online searchable bibliography, and offers MBTI Certification programs and other training.

MBTI® Type Today A website dedicated to providing a forum for those interested in furthering their understanding and practice of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument as the doorway to Jungian Psychological Type and the psychology of individuation.

Kidtelligent Excellent source of information for parents seeking to understand and support each child’s unique strengths and style.

Personality Pathways Information on many applications of psychological type.

Personality Page Excellent information on the 16 psychological types.

Motivated Careers Website of Karen Eilers, a LifeKeys Associate