LifeKeys Train-the-Trainer Events

All attendees receive copies of LifeKeys, LifeKeys Discovery Workbook, morning and afternoon breaks, and lunch.

LifeKeys, a comprehensive self-discovery tool, has at its foundation the belief that while it is useful to understand what people do well—their talents and gifts—it isn’t enough. To give both individuals and teams a sense of meaning or mission calls for first appreciation of those gifts and then alignment with causes or purposes that motivate action.

Through self-assessment tools, group activities, and varied strategies for integration, participants come away with a new sense of their uniqueness and value as a human being. Invaluable for personal growth, the LifeKeys train-the-trainer workshop also provide those who wish to guide others through the LifeKeys discovery process with essential background information, training techniques, resources and interpretation tools.

Of interest to organizational consultants or to those who facilitate job transition support groups, LifeKeys adds new insights for career counseling and organizational development techniques. The LifeKeys process can also be adapted for teams to develop an awareness of the contributions of each member as well as their common mission.

This 2-day workshop, focused on how trainers can teach LifeKeys, was developed by Jane A. G. Kise, David Stark, and Sandra Krebs Hirsh, who together have authored LifeKeys: Discover Who You Are. Hirsh and Kise are well-known in the type community, both as trainers and co-authors of SoulTypes, Work it Out, Using the MBTI® Tool in Organizations (Leader’s Resource), and Introduction to Type and Coaching. All sessions will be taught by Jane Kise and/or David Stark.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Discover your own LifeKeys: who you were meant to be versus the roles you’ve learned to play
  • Practice training methods and tips for teaching and interpreting each of the LifeKeys lenses: talents, spiritual gifts, personality type, values and passions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the theory behind the Strong Interest Inventory™ and the MBTI® tool for career direction and team building applications
  • Apply LifeKeys materials in various settings—team building workshops, church-based seminars, career counseling, high school and college seminars
  • Learn how to integrate the lenses and encourage participants to continue the process.


  • $250 for first person from a church (includes LifeKeys Leadership Resource)
  • $175 for second person from a church
  • $99 for Wednesday-only Discovery Day!