Corwin, November 2013

Corwin, November 2013

Are You Tired of Engaging in Important Initiatives, Only to See the Pendulum Swing Back to “Old” Ways Far Too Soon?

If so, learn to recognize when initiatives aren’t solutions to problems, but rather a set of actions that supports only one-half of what is needed to reach your greater goals and purposes. You’re working with a polarity!

All too often, the “wisdom” of each side in such situations holds a part of the truth that is crucial to effectively leveraging the issue being disputed, yet lack of willingness—or  ability—to see the dilemma from other points of view serves to stifle meaningful collaboration. Learn how to leverage the energy in these debates into productive action steps that both sides embrace.

Workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to recognize when they’re working with an ongoing polarity, not a solvable problem
  • Explore key polarities involved in today’s education debates, such as teacher evaluations and the Common Core State Standards
  • Experience processes for building polarity maps that they can use with their own teams
  • Build polarity maps that are relevant to their own education organization
  • Participate in and work with survey and assessment processes (known as the Polarity Assessment for Continuity and Change , or PACT) that allow leaders to understand how well they are currently leveraging a key polarity.
  • Evaluate a case study to understand how a school can use the PACT to harness the energy currently lost to debating differences of opinion for instead moving forward productively

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