Leaders have time. Time for reflection, for personal development, for colleagues, for others who need their wisdom or their listening ear.

Managers seldom have time. They struggle to separate the important from the urgent tasks thrust at them from all directions.

However and wherever you influence others–as an executive, a teacher, an administrator, a coach, a career counselor, or ???–the principles of Differentiated Coaching and Intentional Leadership can help you move from management to true leadership.

Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

All services are tailored to meet the needs of each client or organization. A typical process involves

  • Initial meeting to determine coach/client “fit” and objectives
  • Administration of appropriate assessments such as the MBTI Step II®, MBTI Step III®, EQi 2.0, 360 tools, or Intentional Leadership Priorities©.
  • Interpretation session
  • Identification of coaching goals and action plan

Differentiated Coaching Workshops

Our perennially most popular workshop, Differentiated Coaching has proved effective in Australia, New Zealand, England, the United States, and elsewhere. These workshops are designed to people with a solid background in psychological type in executive coaching. Participants

  • Learn to incorporate the 6 elements of Differentiated Coaching into their practices
  • Identify their own strengths as coaches and their preferred coaching style
  • Explore patterns in common strengths and developmental needs of executives
  • Work with “live” case studies to experience adjusting their communication style to meet the needs of diverse clients

Visit the calendar for upcoming events. Or, contact us to schedule an in-house event.