Students’ learning styles are as unique as their personalities. As a result, the most successful teachers are often those who understand how to adjust their educational techniques to honor students of all intelligences and backgrounds. This comprehensive resource, based on the author’s years of research and experience, presents a usable, understandable framework that assists K–12 teachers in achieving success in today’s differentiated classroom.

From easy-to-implement techniques to templates for planning lengthy curriculum units, teachers receive clear direction for appealing to the learning personalities in their diverse classrooms. Readers will also find:

  • Relevant stories, exercises, and examples to illustrate differentiated classroom instruction
  • Balanced advice for improving student growth and performance in small-group work, class discussions, and relationship building
  • Practical ideas and activities for immediate application in the classroom

Discover teaching techniques that result in success for students of all learning styles!

Download Sample Chapter

Explore how your own preferences for gathering information and making decisions affects how you teach and learn.

Chapter 2: Who You Are Is How You Teach

ASCD Article

Read research on how students with different type preferences approach mathematics. View the related TEDx talk (see sidebar).

Let Me Learn My Own Way

Follow-Up Activities

Try some activities that let you see how students learn and ways to start meeting their diverse needs.

Differentiation Activities

Students and Type Concepts

This guide contains sample activities and ethical guidelines for building student understanding of the four learning styles.

Students and Learning Styles