Change is hard work, even when we are convinced it’s worth the effort. Teachers are expected to change without clear explanations or evidence of how the changes will benefit them or their students. Meaningful change is most likely to occur when teachers’ beliefs, feelings, and personality are taken into consideration.

Differentiated Coaching applies the latest research and theory of personality type, multiple intelligences, experiential learning
models, and mind styles models to create a differentiated approach for staff development. This innovative resource touches on six key elements:

  • A common framework for unbiased reflection on education
  • Teachers’ strengths and beliefs about teaching and learning
  • Information and evidence that can influence those beliefs
  • The needs of the teacher during change
  • The relationship of what is being learned to the problem the teacher wants to solve inthe classroom
  • Creating an environment for deep, reflective collaboration among teachers

When teachers understand how their strengths and beliefs may lock them into practices that limit freedom to help students succeed, they can begin to entertain fresh possibilities and stay open to new avenues for professional growth.

More Case Studies Available!

Differentiated Coaching contains two case studies. Now you can download two more, giving you a complete set of one for each coaching style.

Additional Case Studies