Dr. Beth Russell (ENFP) worked with Dr. Kise to develop Differentiated School Leadership. Dr. Russell is Principal of Southview Middle School, Edina, MN. Prior to this position, she served as Director of the Institute for Learning, Minneapolis Public Schools and as a middle school principal in Minneapolis and other districts. She holds a BS in Child Development and Family Relations from Colorado State University, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota and a doctorate in Educational Policy and Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Russell has worked in both urban and suburban school systems introducing type. She views type theory as a vehicle for helping students self advocate for how they learn best, and helping teachers to identify new strategies so that all students can learn. She has presented at NSDC, World Futures, ASCD and National Urban Alliance conferences. Russell volunteers as an assessor for the University of St. Thomas Principal Assessment Center and provides peer reviews for educational books for a local publisher.

Fatma Al Hawsawi, (INFJ) is an Educational Consultant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She currently works as Head of the Development Unit and as a Skill Coordinator in The English Language Institute, Girls’ Colleges, King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al Hawsawi holds a Bachelor in Education with an English Language Major. Prior to serving in King Abdul Aziz University, she worked for more than 17 years in the Saudi Ministry of Education as a Teacher, Supervisor and as an Educational Trainer.

Fatma Al Hawsawi believes in the power of type to help people maximizing their success; therefore, she is working hard to bring type & its applications to her community. She worked with Dr. Kise to develop and present differentiation workshops based on the needs and expectations of the Saudi Educational Community. Al Hawsawi presented at the 2009 Association for Psychological Type conference in Dallas. She has published an article in the Bulletin of Psychological Type and she is looking forward to participating in more type conferences and events in the future.